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  • What is Strength Training and why does LEAD specialize in it?
    Strength training is resistance training utilizing your bodyweight or weights to develop strength, muscle size or muscle endurance. LEAD specializes in Strength Training for many reasons; here's our top 3: 1) It aligns with most people's fitness goals such as better body comp, better cardiovascular health, and increased strength. 2) It's scalable: Whether you're a beginner or a life-long fitness fiend, Strength Training can be scaled so that the same workout can provide the appropriate level of difficulty for each individual. 3) There's always room for improvement. Most people plateau with other fitness programs and don't make the same progress as when they first started. Strength Training can always be progressed by adding more weight.
  • How do I get started?
    Simply fill out our TypeForm and our Team will reach out to help get you started. Everyone starts with a Movement Screen and a Success Meeting (BOTH FREE) to make sure that we know where you are in your journey and where you want to go so that your goals are always front and center. From the Movement Screen, we can either clear you for TEAM sessions or recommend a Individual Training schedule that is conducive to your goals!
  • I filled out the TypeForm (Get Connected With a Coach), now what?
    You should receive a text or call from a coach within 12hrs to start talking about your goals and how LEAD can help you achieve them. (Please note, coaches only reach out during normal gym hours)
  • What's the different between TEAM Performance, TEAM Strength, and TEAM Speed?
    TEAM is our keyword for 'groups.' We work to recreate a team-like environment so that members raise each other up and compete to push themselves further while working out. TEAM Performance focuses on Mobility, Movement (agility, speed, plyometrics, etc), and Strength to build better all-around athletes. Members must be cleared for TEAM Performance. TEAM Strength focuses on Mobility, Strength, and Conditioning to build a more robust and healthy individual. TEAM Speed is our session fully dedicated to Linear Speed Development through running mechanics while we track speed each week to ensure progress week after week.
  • How long are training sessions?
    TEAM Sessions: 45 minutes from start to finish, including warm up, mobility, athletic movement, and strength blocks Individual Sessions: 45-60 minutes based on the Game Plan your coach puts together for you
  • What is the LEAD Hub used for?
    Scheduling: Book group training sessions Tracking Progress: See increases in weights used as well as all testing done at LEAD (available to Silver, TEAM Unlimited, and Individual Training Members only) Crews: See how your testing results stack up against other LEAD members. Game Plan: The extra workout programming, based on your goals, that can be done anywhere. Nutrition: Resources for eating habits and food guides.
  • What happens if I miss my regular training session time?
    Can't make a TEAM session? No problem! The sessions in your membership can be used at any time within the membership's 4-week active period. (unused sessions to not roll over to the next month). Can't make 1-on-1 sessions? (You're busy, we get it) As long as you give your coach more than a 24hr heads up, you will not be docked a session and we will work with you to reschedule. Sessions cancelled within 24hrs are docked from your active personal training package. Going to miss a session? Let us know via text at ‪(916) 426-2812‬


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