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As part of the Therabody family, we are proud to supply our members with the top-of-the-line recovery tools from Therabody. After a taxing training session, it is paramount that athletes recover properly to remain ready to compete at all times.

We offer nearly the entire Therabody line to keep our members at 100%

Book an appointment with one of our certified coaches for a relaxing Theragun massage session that targets sore muscles, promotes blood flow, and leaves you feeling ready for whatever life throws your way.

As an added perk of being a personal training member, Theragun massages are included by request with each personal training session.


Silver, Unlocked, and Personal Training Memberships also include unlimited use of our Therabody RecoveryAir leg compression units. 

Reset after a hard lower body workout with a 10-20 minute RecoveryAir session to help promote lymphatic drainage and blow flow for a recharged feeling!

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