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Being a D1 athlete, you have access to some of the best health and wellness resources available. Nutritionists to guide your eating habits. Teammates to help keep you accountable. And most importantly, coaches to tell you what to do!


To be honest, I think I preferred my college basketball career over my professional career because I loved the environment I was in. I felt supported at every turn with a group of individuals who's sole responsibility was to see to it that I was successful. 

Then it was gone. 

My sports career was over and I found myself at 24hr fitness with no idea what I was doing. I was lost with no plan and no team!

And I wasn't the only one. My wife, also a former college athlete, found at-home workout apps that left more to be desired. One of my former teammates found himself in the same exact situation. Lost in a big gym with no sense of community or structure like we gravitated to in college.

So we built LEAD. A gym modeled after the D1 weight room, a training system built to keep you athletic, a team to help keep you accountable, and highly-educated coaches to guide you every step of the way!

Whether you are a former collegiate athlete, the next high school stand out, or a rec league all-star, LEAD was built to support every type of athlete and help them train smarter and recover faster. Our focus is to create the highest standard of training possible in a supportive community centered around your goals. Let's work.

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Blair Orr, Founder


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