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That's it! No more MetCon workouts for TEAM Performance athletes.

What is a MetCon you ask? Why are we getting rid of it? Let me tell you...

Metabolic Conditioning workouts, in essence, are full body, low-resistance workouts that testing your aerobic capacity (conditioning) by focusing on completing the workout in the quickest time possible.

When The LEAD Team sat down to plan out the 2024 workout calendar (called a Macrocycle) we determined that MetCon workouts didn't align with our current-athlete member's goals. Chances are, they are already getting enough aerobic conditioning from practice and competition in their sport. We felt like we could deliver a more efficient workout option that aligned better with our athlete's goals in 2024.

Our training week structure (called a Microcycle) will stay the same with days 1-4 rotating throughout the week with a 5th day that will always be on Friday. That Friday workout will have a bigger emphasis on the athletic movement quality of Rotation as well as a full body strength block that also includes Rotation.

But good news! MetCons are not going away for good! TEAM Strength sessions will still have MetCon Fridays. Adults and former athletes: you will still have to "earn your weekend" with the challenging full body conditioning workout.

With the sessions now over, take a look at the memes we had showcased in the gym to celebrate the end of an era:

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